Video guide for customizing setting

Login as an admin

Click on Settings icon

Admin can enter various details like logo, banner image etc.

The banner image can be easily cropped to fit while uploading.

Field management can be used select which all fields to be made mandatory.

To update the social media for marketing choose the social media settings and enter the link there.

By adding the support chat script, Support settings can be initiated.

Google analytics and Zapier comes under App integration.

It helps to retrieve the student data which are connected with the platform such as their login time, course access details etc.

Email verification helps to verify the valid email id's

Custom domain is used for the domain white labelling

If any further details to be collected from the learners, it is possible through Profile field settings.

Add the field and enter the information you want to collect.

Tax can be set for each course.

Payment gateway and Multi currency helps in online transaction for different countries.

By enabling the certificate, after the course completion, certificate can be generated to the learners.

Restricted login settings allow only one user login at a time with a single credential.

Push notification helps in forwarding the notification and information via Android, IOS and web

By adding technical support number, course and Technical support can be initiated.


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