How to Enable and Add Certificates


You can add course completion certificates to any course so that learners can download it once they complete the course.

1. Login into the dashboard

2. Click on the Courses button.

3. Select the course to which you need to add the certificate.

4. Click on the Settings page.

5. Enable the certificate.


6. Click on the Save button.

7. Select the course content page.

8. Add the certificate from the right side box.



9. a NEW CERTIFICATE window pops up.


10. Type a title for the certificate, choose a section in the course in which you want to add the certificate, and add a brief description for the certificate.

Note: If not already created, you can create a new section on this popup by clicking ADD NEW SECTION, and choose that section to place the certificate.

  1. Click ADD. A preview of the certificate template appears.
  2. Click UPLOAD CERTIFICATE and follow the steps mentioned in the IMPORT CERTIFICATE TEMPLATE popup window.
  3. Download the default.docx document linked on the popup window.
  4. In this document, edit the variables in curly brackets to reflect the Learners name, course name, percentage, grade achieved by the Learners for completing the course, and the date of the course with your signature.
  5. Save the document on your local system.
  6. Click BROWSE on the popup window to locate and attach the edited Microsoft Word document.
  7. Click UPLOAD. After the uploading process is complete, close the popup window. A preview of the certificate is seen on the screen.
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