How to manage the newly Signed up accounts

When a learner registers to the application through the sign-up page, the admin needs to get a notification regarding the same. The Users Can Log Into Their Accounts Only After The Admin's Approval.


  1. When a learner Signs up to the platform, they will receive a notification regarding that the learner’s approval status is pending.
  2. On the other side, the admin will receive a notification regarding the new Signed up user as shown below.muCv5srtyw.png
  3. By clicking on the corresponding notification, the admin will be taken to the learner dashboard when the admin can see the list of learners that are not yet approved.chrome_QXMaeifGhS.png
  4. Click on the dropdown across the corresponding learner that the admin wants to approve.
  5. Select Approve HbfejFiKVU.png
  6. Therefore a window pops up where the admin will be asked for the confirmation of the learner approval.
  7. Click Approvessss.png
  8. Thus the learner is approved and can log in to the platformffff.png


Also, the privileged user should be able to switch off the “sign up” part of the website through settings. 

  1. From the dashboard, click on Settings
  2. Select Login ApproveZIODFKf.png

  3. Privileged user when enabling Approve option, The Users Can Log Into Their Accounts Only After The Admin's Approval.
  4. If the Disapprove option is enabled, The Users Will Be Allowed To Log Into Their Accounts Without The Admin's Approval.

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