With role management, you will be able to create your own custom-tailored roles for your preferences. You will be able to see the default roles and the profiles you create in the Facilitator option on the dashboard, where you can add new facilitator profiles into our platform. 


To add new roles click on the Users in the sidebar, then to Role Management


Clicking on Create New Role will guide you through to create new custom roles by entering the name of the role you wish to create, and will be redirected to the following page you can choose the checkboxes as per your preferences. 


The checkboxes present here will determine the areas the roles created will be having access to. You can create new roles and provide access to specific areas based on your requirement. 


User management : Will have the access to manage various roles which are created using Role management option

Institute management : allows to manage various Branches/Colleges/Schools which are created with in the same platform.

Course Management : By enabling course management, the newly created role can access various courses.

There are all course access and Restricted course access

In restricted course access, The role will only have the access to those courses which are being assigned to them.

Batch Management : A group of students is known as Batches. By enabling the checkbox, batch management is possible.

Event management : Helps to notify the learners regarding the upcoming events.

Question Bank management : Helps in accessing the questions from question pool

Faculty management : Provides the permission to control all the roles present in the facilitator icon.

Reports Management : Roles which have Reports management access can view/Export the report of Assignment/Online Test etc..

Discount coupon : These roles can create Discount coupon for marketing purpose.

Bundle management : A set of courses is known as Bundles. Theses roles can create and edit the Bundles.

Page management : Pages helps in displaying the information in the login page.

Information Bar management : Helps in notifying learner regarding any message that need to be conveyed.






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