The Dashboard serves as the quick access hub for all the various functionalities within the platform. This is fully customizable as per the Admin's need. The Dashboard is split into different widgets.


Quick Access

There are 7 quick access icons, these include:

  • Courses
  • Live Classes
  • Learners
  • Facilitators
  • Question Pool
  • Batches
  • Reports

Clicking on them will take you to their respective dashboards. For example, clicking on the Courses icon will take you to the courses dashboard where you can see all the courses within the platform, edit these courses and create new ones.


There are 6 widgets that can be accessed by clicking on the manage widget icon,mceclip2.png


These includes:

  • Event Calendar - Calendar view of all upcoming events (Assignments/Live Sessions etc)
  • Upcoming Live Classes - List of the upcoming live sessions 
  • Courses - Latest courses on the platform
  • Messages - Latest messages from the Learners
  • Latest Assignment Submissions 
  • Latest Test Submissions

These widgets can be turned on and off as required by the Admin and moved around the dashboard to suit the Admin's needs.

Preview Content

To view the content of the platform as a learner, you can click on "Preview Content" this will take you to the front end of the platform and how the learner would be seeing it.



Help Center

Clicking on the "Help?" will take you to the Help Center. The help center has a vast library of articles that will help you understand the platform.



Support Chat

Clicking on the "Support Chat" button will bring up the Help Bot in which you can look for any helpful resources or contact our support staff member for further assistance.



Learners can communicate with the admin or tutor using the chat option and all the latest messages will be displayed on the message box. By clicking on the View all button, you will be redirected to the messenger page.


Updating your Profile

You can update your profile anytime, to update/view your profile

  • Click on the profile icon on the top-right corner of the system and click Profile.


  • Update your basic details in the left pane as required


Note: Fields with an asterisk (*) symbols are mandatory.

  • Click Save. Your Updated Profile details appear on the right panel.
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