Accessing Courses


In order to access courses,

  1. Log in as a learner using the credentials.
  2. You will be taken to the learner dashboard
  3. Click on My SubscriptionsFaqpmDU.png
  4. This will take you to the subscribed courses page as shown below.
  5. Click any one course1IWQIn4.png
  6. By clicking on any one course, you will be taken to the particular course page where you can see the details of the course such as tutor, number of lectures, the progress of the course, course time validity, etc.,
  7. On clicking on Start Learning, you can start learning the course.MMAIynU.png
  8. On scrolling down, you can see five sections such as Curriculum, Q&A, Reports, Test, and Announcements.
  9. Clicking on Curriculum will display the different modules of the course as shown below.
  10. A green tick indicates that the corresponding lecture is completed by the learner.curr.png
  11.  Q&A will display the questions asked by the learners regarding the lectures.
  12. You can categorize the doubts by selecting the module name from the drop-down of All Topics shown below.
  13. You can also add a new question by clicking on Add New Questionqanaa.png
  14. Reports show the report of the learnerrep.png
  15.  The Test shows the test result of the learnertest.png
  16. Announcements display the announcement made by the admin.ann.png
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