How to edit or delete a folder

  1. Click on the three dots of the particular folder
  2. If you want to delete that folder, click on Delete.
  3. If you want to edit that folder, click on Edit.

Share icon: If the Share icon is blue, the File or Folder is shared. Else, the file or folder is not shared.

Share: This option is used to share the files to a particular user, user groups, organizations, and organization roles.

When you click on the Share option,a new page opens as shown below where you can choose with whom you want to share the file with.

After selecting the group, you can enter your email address. Then select the access type that you want to give to the corresponding group and click Share.

Share details: If the specific folder or file is shared, then we get the share details page else it is not available. This is the page that opens when we click on the Share Details option of a folder. All the sharing details will be displayed along with the access type.

Access type for a particular asset can be changed if needed. Likewise, we can also remove access if needed.

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