How to check the Free preview of the course

Free Preview helps the learners to access the lecture contents for a short period of time.Learners will get to know regarding the course details and can decide whether to purchase the course or not.

  1. Login using the Credentials.
  2. Click on All Courses.
  3. Click on the course which you are interested in.
  4. Click on the Free preview button.
  5. By clicking on the Free Preview button, the learner will be redirected to the first lecture.
  6. But learners have the option to move to the Next or Previous lecture as they wish


       7 . On the youtube/vimeo links,you can see  a PREVIEW option corresponding to youtube/vimeo links.

       8 . Click on the PREVIEW option 

       9 . The video opens as a small new tab so that the learner can watch the video without any time restrictions.

This is the tab that opens when you click on the PREVIEW button of youtube/vimeo links.

      10 . On the left side of each lecture's Free Preview, the Time left for the free preview will be notified and it won’t restart no matter how many times you click on the free preview.

       11 . Assessments can not be previewed before purchasing the course.

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