How to attend Survey

Once the learner login to the Mykademy platform, learners can view and can attend the Survey from the Course Curriculum page in the form of the lecture along with the lectures of the corresponding course.

  1. If you are enrolled in a course, clicking on the course image (play button) will redirect you to the content delivery page.
  2. Click on the lecture.pasted_image_0__6_.png
  3. You can launch the course curriculum by clicking the icon (as shown in the above image) on the top-left corner of the page and browse through the course contents and start/resume learning online anytime.
  4. The Survey is available for the learners on the Curriculum page so that the learners can submit the survey along with the courses from the Course Curriculum page.pasted_image_0__5_.png
  5. Click on the Survey and attend to the questions.
  6. Once you finish the survey, you can go to the next lecture as usual.
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