How to explore and purchase a course

To view all the courses in the platform, click on All Courses. 


All Courses page will be displayed.

  1. Choose any course card which you would like to purchase
  2. By default, the learner will be redirected to the Course Curriculum page.
  3. The course name along with a description and Facilitator’s name will be listed on top.
  4. The curriculum shows the sections and lectures listed within the course, where the Sections will be marked with a light blue color and each Lecture under the section with black color.


Before purchase, the learner access is limited to the lecture title and are not allowed to view the lecture content.

The course image is provided on the right side along with the price.


Course Access: It displays the validity of the course. Thereafter learners won’t be able to purchase the course.

Instructor: The number of Facilitators connected with the course. The name of the Facilitator will also be visible to the learner.

Duration: The preferred completion time for the course.

Documents: It lists out the number of pdf/word/pptx lecture documents that are included in the course.

Videos: The number of video lectures included. The duration of each video will also be listed with respect to the lecture.



Language: The common language used in the course.

Discount Price: The discount price given to each course can also be seen  while viewing the course/course details.



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