In the Bundle Settings, you can set all the options for the Bundle, these includes:


  • Bundle Image - This will be the cover image for the Bundle on the front end of the platforms that the users will be seeing
  • Category - This will determine under which categories the bundle will show up on the front end for the users
  • Bundle Items - Here you can add the courses which will be added in the bundle or remove existing ones
  • Bundle Description - This gives the user a brief about the bundle on the front end
  • Enquiry Form- Enabling this feature allows  the user to enquire about the bundle
  • Bundle Access Validity - Here you can choose the validity of the bundle once purchased
    • Unlimited
    • Limited by Days - Bundle will expire in 'X amount of days
    • Limited by Date - Bundle will expire on day 'Xchrome_9hepQZ8CC9.png

  • Review and Rating - Enabling this will allow users to post reviews and ratings about the bundle
  • Pricing - Here you can set the price for the bundle
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