How to create a new Role and assign permissions to the new role

You can add any new user role as per your organizational requirement. These roles can vary from an administrator to a tutor (or a trainer) who manages particular online courses. These roles can further be assigned to users on the Facilitators page to categorize them based on their roles and responsibilities.


How to create a new role

Click on USERS and then select the ROLE MANAGEMENT.ssssssssss.png2. Click CREATE NEW ROLE on the right panel. The CREATE NEW ROLE window pops up.

3.  Type a suitable role title and click CREATE. dddd.png


How to Assign Permissions to User Roles

1. Click on the user role you created. Alternatively, you can click corresponding to the role to which you want to assign permissions. The Role Settings page for that role appears.



2. Select the options in the View, Add, Edit, and Delete columns corresponding to the managing tasks for which you want to assign the rights.

3. Click SAVE at the top-right corner of the page.


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