Admin can change any configuration in any of the report templates, by going to the page  “Advanced Filters Page”. Using this page, Admin can define the various conditions that the admin wants to apply to get the Reports fetched as per the choice.  There are two options on this page

AND Condition Section - In this section admin should be able to add conditions that the system should satisfy while fetching a record from the database.  A “Condition” is basically a set of input fields(item, attribute, scale set, and values) where the admin can mention what fields and how they should be used for filtering the data.  Admin should be able to add multiple conditions. The application will fetch all the data matching the fields that were provided.

OR Condition Section - Like the above section(And Condition Section), the admin should be able to perform all operations. The system will fetch data that matches at least one of any conditions under this section.

Fields Section - The admin will be able to select the fields that are included in the report. This section will be a box that lists the selected fields.


Admin will be able to search fields to include in the report. The fields list may differ based on the type of report. The different report types & fields. Admin can rearrange the position of fields and remove any fields from the report template as per the need.

Sort By Section - The admin will be able to select the Sort Criteria. It has two input fields. One for the field and the other for sort order(Ascending OR Descending). Admin will be able to apply one configuration for a single report template.  

Admin can export the report as Excel using the Export button option provided. The report will be exported in the .xlsx format.

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