How Favorite Reports can be Created


Admin will have the option to edit the Default Templates available


The customisation can be filter modification, adding/removing report fields,  sorting the fields.




From the show filter click on save as a favourite. Enter the name of the template which you want and the description also.


Click on save. The newly created reports will be saved under the favourite title.



However, the changes done in the default report template can be used only to create a new Report Template, by clicking “Save as Favorite”.

 The newly created report template will be listed under the Favorite Reports.



Furthermore, the admin can again customise the default/custom-made report template to create a new report template OR update the existing report template from the favourite report.  

The admin should have the option to create a new report template or update an existing one. If the current template is a default one, the system should only have a “Save as Favourite” option. If the current template is a custom-made template, then the system should have both the “Save” and “Save as Favourite” options. Both will work differently

Save - It will update the configuration to the current template. Basically an Edit Functionality.

Save as Favourite - It will create a new report template with the current configuration and leaves the current report template unchanged. Basically a ’Create functionality.


While saving the report using this option, the system should ask the admin to enter the report template name & description of the report.

Later, the newly created report will be displayed in the “Favourite Report” section. On the other hand, before saving this report, the system should check for the uniqueness of the report template name.

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