How to make Schedule of the Reports


Admin can create a schedule with any of the report templates by clicking on the Schedule button.

After clicking on the button, the following options have to be updated.


Recipient - List of email ids that the report should be delivered. The system will be doing the Email Validation on the list of emails entered.

File Instruction - Admin can write notes of the information that he wants to be sent in the email body when the scheduled email is sent.

Frequency: Admin can select the frequency of the report that needs to be sent.

If the frequency is selected as weekly then the report shall be sent weekly and the admin can choose days in a week.

If the frequency is selected as monthly then, the report shall be sent monthly on a fixed date. If the report is scheduled to be sent on a fixed date and that date is not available for a month, the report shall be sent on the last day of that month.  For example, a report is scheduled for the 31st of every month. The month has 28/29/30 days the report will be sent on the last day of the month.

Password Protection - Admin can select whether the document is password protected or not. If it is password protected, Admin can enter the password for the reports to be protected.

  • Passwords will be shared with the recipients manually through proper channels.
  • The password policy will be in line with the already existing password policy of the application
  • All the profile edits/updates in BMS should be updated in each report.
  • Disable password will be the default view for the privileged user.  

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