Log in to the application as an admin. Click the profile icon on the right-hand side of the dashboard. ClickAccount Settings to be redirected to the Tenant domain.

The Tenant overview serves as the centralized section for managing all modules specific to the logged-in account.

The profile of the Tenant admin can be viewed and edited from the Tenant account. There are four sections in the profile.

  1. The first section displays the name and email ID.

There is an option to edit the profile.

Click Edit to edit the Tenant admin’s name, email id, and phone number.

Tenant admin profile

When the Edit Profile option is accessed by the admin, it shows the profile and security tabs in edit mode.

In the Profile tab, the following fields are displayed.

Name: The Admin profile’s name, which can be changed by the Tenant admin.

Email id: The Tenant admin’s email id.

Code & Phone number: The Admin’s mobile number. After updating the mobile number, it reflects in the top header of the page just after the call icon.

Member id: The Member id of the admin.

Language: The Tenant admin is able to choose the language from the dropdown.

Time Zone: The Tenant admin is able to choose the time zone from the dropdown.

Save Button: After entering the new data, click Save to store the new changes. Once the profile is updated, a successful message is displayed. The admin is able to update and edit the above fields.

Cancel Button: It prevents the admin from saving recently made updates.

Security Page

The tenant admin is able to reset the password here. First, enter the current password. Provide a new password and then confirm it once again.

While entering the password, the user is able to view the entered password. A validation pop-up is also displayed here. It helps the user to enter the password.

Cancel Button: Prevents the saving of recently made changes.

Save Button: Helps to save new changes.

The second section uploads the organization logo and allows the user to select the logo they want to upload. Users can crop the image using the Resize Image pop-up.

Cancel and Back options are available in the Resize Image pop-up.

The third section is My Products, which displays the products purchased by the admin. The product name, logo, and URL are displayed below the product title.

The Fourth section is Explore Products, which displays the products that can be purchased by the admin. The product name, logo, and a short description are displayed here.

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