Access Management in Identity Provider (IdP)

Log in to the application as an admin. ClickAccount Settings from the user profile to be redirected to the Tenant Admin page. ClickAccess Management on the left panel.

Using this feature, the product’s role access can be managed.


We have custom roles in products such as Mykademy, Document Management System, and Training Management System. There is an option to assign users to these roles as well.

Using this option, the admin can activate or deactivate the custom roles created in each of the products.

The Admin can click on the product which is available. On the right-hand side, all custom roles corresponding to the product clicked will be listed.

The Admin can switch on or off the roles as per his/her choice.

 A success message will be shown confirming the action performed.




When the admin turns off the role from the products, the role assigned to the user is automatically turned off.

Users with this role will not be able to access the system unless they are assigned a different role.

With this functionality, we can take the role universally.

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