Different Service Provider (SP) Onboarding



Log in to the application as an admin. Click Account Settings from the user profile to be redirected to the Tenant admin page. From the left-side menu navigation, click My Subscriptions.


The tenant admin is able to view products purchased by them. The My Products section is listed on the My Subscriptions page.

It displays the products purchased by the admin. The product name, logo, and URL can be viewed.

The product plan can also be viewed here.

EXPLORE PRODUCTS displays the products that can be purchased by the admin later. The product logo, URL, and plan appear here.

The Tenant admin is able to install new products available in the Explore Products section.

The Install Now option allows the user to purchase the product.

Click Install and initiates the installation process.


After successful installation, the product is listed under the My Product section.


The trial period information and plan feature name are displayed.



The admin is able to redirect the product by clicking Open.

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