Sending Push Notifications

Push notification can be accessed by clicking on Marketing followed by Send notifications.


  1. Click on Create push notification
  2. Enter the title for the message.
  3. Type the message content
  4. A preview of the message will be visible on the right side.
  5. Images can be included with a push message
  6. Insert deep link if any. Separate deep links can be inserted for Android, iOS and web applications.
  7. Deep-link: The learners will have the provision to click on the push message by which they will be redirected to the course/session, the link corresponds to.
  8. Click on Save and next.


    A push notification will be classified into 3 categories.

    1. Sent: All those messages which are already sent to the learners will be displayed here. It also includes the percentage of students who clicked the message, unreachable, sent time and created time.
    2. Scheduled: Those messages which are yet to be forwarded in future are displayed in this section.
    3. Draft: messages which may be edited in future will be listed here.

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