How to Edit Email Templates

We offer you the standard set of templates for system-generated notification emails. You can edit the text in these templates as required, so the emails display your edited content.


Click on Marketing followed by Email Templates


  • Click on ic.png corresponding to the email template for which you want to edit the content and click Settings.
  • The email template content appears.
  • Edit the text as required.
  • Note: Do not edit the text or the system values inside the curly braces {}.
  • Click SAVE

Types of email templates 

  1. Approvals pending notification: This is a message received to the admin regarding the pending learner registration. When a learner registers themselves, a notification will be received by the admin regarding the registration and by clicking on the message, the details will be visible to the admin.
  2. Bundle enrolled:  A set of courses is known as Bundles. This email template notifies the admin that a new learner is being enrolled into a bundle.
  3. Bundle enrollment: An admin will be able to attach a learner into a bundle and bundle enrollment email template comprising the message that is being received by the learner when they get attached/enrolled into a Bundle.
  4. Contact mail: Each account has a Get in Touch option present at the footer side. When a new learner arrives on the platform and if they have any query they can directly type their message in the get in touch option by filling out the name, email id and the message. This will be notified to the admin using the contact mail email template.
  5. Course enrolled: When a learner subscribes to a course by purchasing online, a notification will be sent to the admin using the Course enrolled email template
  6. Course enrollment: When an admin attaches a learner to a course, the learner will be notified using this email template. It contains the course name, site URL, and a few steps which guide the learner to access the course if they are logging in for the first time.
  7. Domain registration admin: When a new account is created, the admin receives a welcome message from the super admin and also shares a helpline number in case of any query. This email is being sent using the Domain registration admin email template.
  8. Domain registration super admin: This template notifies the super admin regarding the newly created account in the Mykademy domain. The mail notification includes Domain name, username and email address.
  9. Faculty welcome message: Admin has the privilege to create a new Faculty role and assign a respected person to the role. When a person is assigned to a faculty role, they receive an email message which consists of an email id, password and URL.  Using these credentials they will be able to login into the platform.
  10. Forgot password message: If a student forgets their login password, they can click on Forgot password and by entering their email address, a reset password mail will be sent to their email address and the learner will be able to update their password.
  11. Grade assign: Admin / Tutor can create assignments for the learners and they will be able to submit their assignment via document, image, or by typing. Once a learner submits the assignments, they will be informed to the tutor and the tutor can evaluate the assignment. Once the assignment is evaluated, the learner will be notified along with the Grade for the assignment. This notification is being sent using Grade assign email template.
  12. Institute welcome message: When a new Branch/institute is created from the admin side, the institute admin receives an email notification along with URL, user id and password using the institute welcome message.
  13. Live session invitation message: When a learner is attached to a live session, they will be informed about the session via email. This email message contains a link by which the learners can join the session which is handled by a live session invitation email template.
  14. Live session cancellation message: The session created from the admin side may be cancelled in certain situations and in this scenario, the learners will be notified regarding the cancellation via the live session cancellation email template.
  15. Profile Activation: Admin has the privilege to activate and deactivate a learner. The profile activation template contains a link by which the learner can log in to the platform.
  16. Profile approved: When an admin approves the learner profile, the learner will be notified using the profile approved email template.
  17. Profile deactivation: When the learner profile is being deactivated from the admin side, they receive the notification using the profile deactivation email template.
  18. Profile deletion: When the learner profile is being deleted from the admin side, they receive the notification using the profile deactivation email template.
  19. Quiz submission reminder: This email template informs the learner regarding the upcoming assessment test which should be submitted. It includes the last submission date and total days remaining.
  20. Quiz Submitted Successfully: This email will be sent to the learner when they submit the assessment successfully.
  21. Reverify email id: When a learner updates their email address, this email template helps them to verify their email address to get future updates.
  22. Registration Message: When a learner registers themselves, they can verify their email address and login into the platform using this email template.
  23. Registration Message with OTP: This is a message being received to the mobile number in order to check the phone number validity.
  24. Student invoice: When a student purchases a course via online payment, they can download the invoice using the student invoice email which they receive after the purchase.
  25. Password reset: By clicking on the forgot password, a learner can rest the new password and once they update the password, they receive a mail regarding the confirmation for the new password and the learners can log in using the link provided in this email.
  26. Student registered: When a new learner gets enrolled into the platform, the admin will be notified using the student registered email template. It contains the details of the learner so that the admin can contact them to build an admin-learner relationship.
  27. Students verify their email: when a student verifies their email address, it will be notified to the admin using this email template.
  28. Student welcome message: An initial message that a learner receives when an admin creates a new learner into the platform. This email message contains the Account credentials  along with the URL so that they can log in and get familiarized with the platform
  29. Validity extended: Admin can extend the course validity for a particular learner and the same will be notified to them as well. 



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