Upload Question to Question Pool

How to Upload Test Questions


You can upload your own questions to your Test based on a predefined question template.

  1. While creating a new Test to add to a section, complete configuring Step 1 CREATE NEW TEST and click on SAVE & NEXT. The Step 2 Test Questions page appears.
  2. Click on Upload Question on the right panel. The UPLOAD QUESTION window pops up.upload2.png
  3. Follow the steps mentioned on this popup.
  4. Download the questiontemplate.xls or questiontemplate.docx file to your local system and fill the required questions in this file in a similar format.
  5. Select the course category from the drop-down menu to which you want to add the Test
  6. Click on BROWSE to locate and attach the saved Microsoft Excel document.
  7. Click on UPLOAD and review your questions in the Questions Preview screen.

Note: To delete a question at this stage, click seen at the top-right corner of that question


8. Click on SAVE. Your questions are uploaded to the Test and appear on the Step 2 Test Questions page.

Note: To delete all questions from this page at once, click on the Select All checkbox located at the top of the questions and click on Bulk Action, then select Delete Selected and click on CONTINUE.


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