You can add your own questions by simply typing them into the system.

  1. Click the Question Pool icon on the dashboard. The Question Pool page appears to display questions based on the selected filters at the top of the page.
    Note: Default filters are All Questions, All Types, All Categories, All Subjects, and All Topics.
  2. Click ADD QUESTION on the right panel. The ADD QUESTION window pops up.
  3. In the left panel, select one of the Question Types from the drop-down menu:bac3HrcMIJ.png
    • Single choice – Select this option to add a multiple choice question that has only one correct answer.
    • Multiple choice – Select this option to add a multiple choice question where Learners can select more than one answer by selecting the checkboxes.
    • Subjective type – Select this option to add a question that needs answers in the form of detailed explanations.
    • Fill in the blanks – Select this option to add a question with a blank space that the Learners can answer by providing the missing word(s).
    • Match the following-Select this option to add a question so that the learners can match it accordingly.
  4. Select the Difficulty of the question from the drop-down menu – Easy, Medium, or Hard.
  5. Select the Category, Subject, and Topic to which you want to add the Test question.
  6. Specify the +ve Mark and -ve Mark for the question by typing them or using the incrementing/decrementing arrows built in the system.
  7. Specify the tag for the question.
  8. Type the question and options/answers in the provided fields.
  9. Click SAVE and then OK. To save the question and add another question immediately, click SAVE & NEW.
    • For single choice and multiple-choice questions, click to add more
    • choices/options to your question.
    • You can click ADD EXPLANATION to give an additional explanation to the single choice, multiple-choice, and fill in the blanks answers.
    • For subjective type answers, click ADD EXPLANATION and type the answer.
    • You can use the Text Editor tool for your question and answers by selecting the checkbox on the top-right corner of the page.
    • Click Reset to clear the current question, answers, and explanations completely and type a new one.
    • Use the "Edit" or "Delete" icons corresponding to a question to edit or delete the question respectively.
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