How to generate Learner Reports

In order to generate a Learner report,

1. Click on the Report icon from the dashboard.

2. You can view and export reports that provide a summary of the grade, performance, and logging activities of the learners, performance of tutors, and consolidated reports of tests, assignments, and courses.


Course Report

This report lists the total learners enrolled in a course along with their performance in various online tests and assignments that are included within the course.

Test Report

This will help you to evaluate and generate reports of students' performance in an online test.

Assignment Report

This will help you to evaluate and generate the reports of students' performance based on the assignment submission.

Progress Report

This report provides an overview of learners' activity in your course such as course progress, course start date, completion date, etc.

Badge Reports

This report will help you to generate a badge report with the details of learners who earned their badges.

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