In the Reports section of Mykademy, Admins will be able to see a full report of mails that have been sent from the system, this can also be tracked if the email has been opened/not received, or unopened.

You can filter the date and see the emails sent between the specific date range. Admin can view all the,

  • Subject
  • Receiver
  • Content
  • Email body.

We can also export the mail tracker reports as a .csv file.

To access the Mail Tracker,

  1. From the dashboard, go to Reports
  2. Select Mail Tracker


3. The following page opens when you select  Mail Tracker.

4. On this page, you can select the mail subject to filter down your result based on your relevant email subject.

5. Likewise, Mail statuses can be differentiated with the help of tick marks given along with the emails

         a. pasted_image_0__2_.png Blue ticks denoting Opened emails

         b. pasted_image_0__3_.png Grey ticks denoting delivered ones

         c. pasted_image_0__4_.png single tick denotes sent emails

         d. pasted_image_0__5_.png denoting bounced emails.


    6. You can view all the emails according to your applied date range.

   7. You can also categorize emails based on the Mail Subject and Mail Status (Open, Send, Delivered, Delivery Delay, Bounced)


8. The mail tracker report can be exported in excel format by clicking on the Export option.

9. You have an option to resend and forward the respective emails using the Email Resend and Email Forward option.


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