Welcome to your in-room navigation.

Let’s have a quick walk-through of those various functions – and which features are exclusive to Speakers (S) and Audience Members (A).


1. Camera: Allows you to choose whether you would like to display your webcam video or not. (S)

2. Microphone: Allows you to mute and un-mute your microphone. (S)

3. Leave/End Session: you to leave the meeting (A), or end it for everyone. (S)

4. Participants: Allows you to control your audience and speakers. (S)

5. Conversations: Chat Channel to exchange comments with other users. (A) (S)

6. Questions and Answers: Q&A section to ask/answer any questions that may arise. (A) (S)

7. Screen Share: Allows you to share your desktop with other users. (S)

8. Whiteboard: Used to annotate or markup your screen and/or documents with the audience. (S)

9. Content Library: Where your files/documents are located, as well as the Polling tool. (A) (S)

10. Live Streaming: The way to broadcast your meeting live to Facebook or YouTube.

11. Recording: Allows you to record your meeting. (S)

12. Invite Participants: Allows you to invite new users to an ongoing meeting session. (S)

13. Settings: General settings to adjust audio and video, resolution, etc (A), Speakers can also go to Settings to enable other features. (S)

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