Editing or Deleting a Meeting

After creating a Meeting you have the option to edit them after they have been setup.

Go to Schedule, choose the Meeting you would like to edit and click on Edit meeting.

Here you will be able to not only to change the Title of your Meeting or the date but also you can add new participants and send new invites.

To add a new participant follow the same process as when creating your Meeting. Once you have added all new participants click on Save. A pop up message will appear asking you if you would like to send new invites to your participants.

Once you are finished making any changes remember to press Save at the bottom right hand side.

To know how to edit your invites please see article Customizing Invitation Emails.

You can also see other features when creating a Meeting in Advanced Options.

Deleting a Meeting

Oh no! You made a mistake!

If you ever need to delete a meeting :

1. Find the meeting in your schedule list in the Schedule section of your Account Center
2. Hover over the meeting and click on the icon.
3. You will send a confirmation prompt – click OK to confirm the deletion of the Meeting.

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