Learn how to Livestream from Mykademy Live to Facebook Live following the steps below.

1. Hit the Livestream icon in Mykademy Live and select Facebook Live from the drop-down menu.

2. Go to the Facebook page you intend to stream to and hit the live option in the post-box. This will open your streaming options where you can copy your Live Stream Key.

  • NOTE: Facebook requires you to leave this window open while you stream – DO NOT close this window while your session is active.

3. Paste your copied Live Stream Key into the field in you Samba Live session and click Start Stream.

  • In the bottom left-hand corner of your meeting you’ll see notifications indicating that you’ve started to stream.

4. Returning to your Facebook page you’ll see your stream is connected and ready to go – click the blue Go Live button in the bottom right of this screen to start live-streaming on your Facebook page. When you’re done, hit the red End Live Video button.

  • NOTE: Remember to end your session in Facebook and then end it in Mykademy Live.

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