Both these phone ‘modes’ behave in the same way as the phone controls that are available. When a phone user joins the session, his phone number will show in the participant list.


Anyone who joins with a ‘moderators/speakers’ PIN will join in the speakers’ list and those with a participant pin will join the speakers’ list. Web-based speakers have the same control over these users regardless of what role they joined the phone bridge as. The available DTMF commands that speaker/audience phone users can use can be found here.

You access these options in the Participants Pane by clicking the participants’ icon in the left toolbar menu.


  • You can Mute/Unmute the connected phone user.


  • You can Merge the connected phone user. Merging a phone number with a connected web user means you can more readily identify the caller during the course of your session. This is the merge phone number user UI, you will see a list of all connected web users in the bottom pane which you can choose to associate with the phone number.


You can split the merged phone user.


  • You can Disconnect the participant. A speaker can kick the phone user off the line.


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