Once you have created a Meeting by clicking on Advanced Options on the lower left hand side you will be able to make more detailed modifications.

Here you will be able to customize your email invitations, make a more detailed schedule, control access, configure different options for audio and video and build a registration process.

  • Schedule: When clicking on advanced options, under schedule you will be able also add a description to your Meeting, instructions,custom data and an agenda that can be attached to your invitation email 
  • Participants: This tab will allow you to add or delete participants, as explained on Creating a Meeting.
  • Access: Here you will be able to control how is accessed or viewed. Please refer to the Access article for more information.
  • Audio & Video: Here you are able to set the Audio used in meeting. Voip ( browser based audio) or Hybrid ( browser based audio AND phone dial in).
    NOTE : Hybrid audio is only available on certain subscription plans.
  • Registration: Here you have the option decide if registration is required for you meeting Meeting.
  • Send Invitations: Here you have control over things like invite, reminder and follow up emails for your meeting.
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