Once you have created your Meeting you will be able to configure and change the type of access to it.

To do this click on Advanced Options and then choose the tab Access.

You have the choice to have the Meeting private or public.

  • Private: By choosing this option only participants that are invited can be in the Meeting.
  • Public: This option will let anyone with the URL to enter the Meeting. You can choose whether they enter as Audience or as Speaker.
  1. Early Meeting: This allow you to control how early they can enter in the Meeting
  2. Make visible on your public page: Clicking on here you will publish the Meeting in you public page. Please see Public Pages article for more information.
  3. Information after the meeting: You will be able to request information from the participants of the Meeting. You can ask for Name, Email and Company/Institution.

Once you have made changes remember to save them by clicking on Save.

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