There is the ability to incorporate a registration process when setting up your scheduled online event.

You access these configurations by selecting on the Registration tab after clicking the Advanced Options button when creating your meeting.

  • You can make registration mandatory, optional or not require it all (registration is turned off by default).
  • We have a list of pre-defined commonly used fields – you can make use of these by selecting the appropriate the check boxes to the right of each field. ‘Show’ render the field on the registration form, you can make a field mandatory by checking the ‘Required’ check box.

Let’s have a look at some of these options in a little more detail:

  • 1. Custom fields:
    You can also add your own custom form fields and again decide if you want to make any of these fields mandatory during the registration process.
  • 2. Friendly URL:
    You can customize your registration URL rather than use the randomly generated characters that Mykademy Live uses to identify your event registration page.
  • 3. Require password:
    You can optionally require a password before someone can complete registration.
  • 4. Limit registrants:
    You may want to cap the amount of people who can register for your event.
  • 5. Show message:
    Once someone has completed the registration process – you can modify the message that is shown or redirect them to a webpage of your choice.
  • 6. Registration period:
    You can optionally set a time limit after which people will no longer be allowed to register for your event.
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