How to manage Training course

  1. From the dashboard, click on Products
  2. Select Training Course
  3. Click on the three dots available for each of the training courses.c3roB051mh.png-Schedule New Event: New events inside the course can be scheduled by using this option. On clicking the Schedule New Event option it redirects to a new page in the Events section where the admin can Add Sessions by entering the session name, start date, end date, and time zone. After entering all the required information click on the Schedule button.

    -Edit: Events can be edited using the edit option.
    -View: On clicking on the View option, a new page opens up where the event is listed with the corresponding date, time, event name, presenter, location, counts of min and max seats, and so on. New events can also be scheduled from the same page using the Schedule New Event option.
    -Delete: Events can be deleted using the Delete option.
    -Duplicate: Using the Duplicate option, events can be duplicated.
    -Manage Checklist: Certain checklists can be created to check for a particular registration

    -View All Registrations: On clicking view all registrations, it redirects to a page that displays all the registrations.
  4. The Export option helps the admin to download the training course report in excel format.20.png
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