How to view all coupons in Training courses

  1. From the dashboard, click on Products
  2. Select Training Course
  3. Click on the required training course.
  4. This will take you to another page as shown below.5cm8P2cdRN.png
  5. By clicking on View all Coupon,  all the coupons associated with that Training Course will be displayed as shown below.B2FO5QeNOd.png
  6. You can also create a new coupon by clicking on Create Coupon and enter the respective details.
  7. Enter the name of the coupon.
  8. Enter the Coupon Code. You can also generate the coupon code by clicking on the Generate Code option.
  9. Enter the Coupon Description
  10. The coupon can be made Public or Private based on the requirement.
  11. The Discount can be made by Percentage or by amount.
  12. You can give the Maximum Discount value


  13. The discount type can also be chosen as All Platform or Customized.

    1. All Platform Discount is aimed at giving a discount to all users on their total order price, regardless of the courses they have added. It is applicable to all the items on the platform.

    2. Custom Discounts are tailored to a certain selection of courses, bundles, or events. Choose the course, bundle, or event to which the discount should be applied.

  14. Enter the coupon validity date by entering the Start Date and End Date.

  15. The User can be limited based on the requirement.

  16. The admin can also enable whether the coupon can be used multiple times or not by enabling the Yes(for the coupon to be used multiple times) or No(to not use the coupon multiple times)

  17. After entering all the details, click on Create Coupon and thus the Discount Coupon will be created.f2HZSZKLAK.png
  18. By clicking on the Copy option available near a coupon code, the code gets copied.0eqRy6vldd.png
  19. You can also Deactivate, Edit, or Delete the coupon if required by clicking on the three dots across the corresponding coupon and then selecting the respective option required as shown below.
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