Label Settings allows the settings for action buttons.

  1. From the dashboard, click on Settings.sett.png
  2. Select Label SettingsdI321k2bjP.png
  • There are three options available: Buy Now Button, Free Course Label, and Free Course Enroll Button 
  • The Buy Now Button is displayed on the course landing page. 
  • By clicking this button,  the learners will be able to buy the course.
  • This shows the Buy Now button on your course landing page.
  • If the Buy Now button is enabled, then the course landing page is displayed.
  • The Buy Now button is hidden if the course is not meant to be public but for a specific set of learners enrolled from the admin side.
  • Free Course Label allows you to choose the course free to learn. Learners will be enrolled in your course without getting diverted to a payment gateway.
  • The hidden Free Course label button is the case where the courses are not free
  • Free Course Enroll Button is displayed on your course landing page only if your courses are free. 
  • By clicking on this button, the learner gets automatically enrolled in the course.
  • The hidden Free Course Enroll Button is the case where the courses are not provided free and are not meant for public
  • Once all the changes are made, click on Save 
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