Membership Validation


  • Valid Membership


Passing Args

  • Auth Key:  Authorization key
  • Name: Name of the user
  • Email: Email id of the user
  • Phone number: Phone number of the user 
  • All dynamic fields: All dynamic fields against a profile id with label & its value 
  • The authentication key shall be passed inside the header, and all other arguments will be passed in a JSON format in post method

Function: This API will send a payload to the Client API and check if the membership is valid with the provided information. 



  1. On success: The response should be: 
  • The learner is a valid member i.e. the variable success is true and is_member variable need to be yes and need status as 200
  • The learner is not a valid member i.e. variable success need to be true and is_member variable need to be no and need status as 200
  1. On fail: The response should be: 
  • variable success is false and needs status as 404
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