How does the Locking Facility works in Events

  1. From the dashboard, click on Products
  2. Select Training Courses
  3. Click on Events
  4. On this page, you can see the maximum number of seats available for each event under Max Events.
  5. Registrations list the total number of participants who are already registered.9y9ibSM0sj.png
  6. If two user is trying to access the last seat for the same event in which one has reached the checkout page than the other in 0.001 seconds, then that particular seat will be locked for the participant who has reached the checkout page so that the others will not be able to access that seat.

    Note: The lock period is currently up to 10 mins.

  7. Click on the corresponding event that you want to book the seat for.

    Note:  As seen, already one booking is done and one is left.

  8. Click on Register New Learner to register a new learner for an event.Untitled__3_.png
  9. Once all the details are entered, click on Book Now.0ysTmIFBnx.png
  10.  Upon successful registration, then the event will be booked by the participant.
  11. Else, If that seat is already taken by another participant, then a message as the following will be shown.chrome_n5nzJ7wZ0G.png 
  12.  If the locking period is over, and if the learner is still in the payment gateway, the learner would still be able to make payment through the payment gateway is a third-party entity.  

    Note: If the learner doesn’t complete the transaction within this time period, the

             lock should be released and the seat should be made available to other learners.

  13. A credit note will be generated in this case.
  14. If the auto refund is enabled by the admin from the Training Management Settings, the auto refund would be provided to the learner who uses a Stripe account. In other gateways like Razorpay and Paypal, the refund needs to be done manually.
  15. Once the refund is completed, the credit note will be marked as “Refund Process Completed”. 
  16. If the auto refund is disabled by the admin, only the credit note will be generated and the refund needs to be done manually.
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