How to invite participants in to VCP

There are a couple of ways to invite participants to your meeting right before joining.

Invite people do your meeting

1. Invite via email.

To invite by email, simply add the participant’s email addresses to the first field and hit enter.

They will receive an email with a “Join link” that leads them directly to your meeting. This link is pre-authenticated, so they won’t have any trouble with password protection.

Once you have built up your invite list and assigned everyone their role for the meeting – Just click that green invite button to send out those invites.

2. Invite via a link.

The other option is to send out the meeting link and password to your intended audience. You can distribute the joining details by email, or social media – whatever works for you!
To make things easier – we have included ‘Copy Link’ and ‘Copy Password’ buttons so that you can get these into your clipboard for easy copy and pasting into other applications.

  • By default – Meetings are protected by a password. You can remove that password protection if you use our full scheduling tool to create your meeting.
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