The live session helps the facilitator and learners to communicate with each other along with the knowledge transfer. The live session can be created from within the course or outside the course.Untitled.png

  1. The live classrooms can be accessed in the following way from the admin panel. Dashboard ->Product->Live class ->Create live class.1.png
  2. Select whether the live class should be recurring or not.
  3. If required, select Daily, Every Weekday Monday to Friday.2.png
  4. Select the Event end date and the number of recurrences required.3.png
  5. Admin can also customize the recurrence by selecting Custom Recurrence.
  6. Once custom recurrence is selected, give the repeat days, Event end date, and the number of recurrences required.4.png
  7. Enter the title name for the live session
  8. The batch name or the purpose of the live session can be mentioned.
  9. Select the live class integration.
  10. It includes various options like MyKademy Live /YouTube/Zoom/Vimeo.
  11. If Mykademy Live is chosen, select the room size.
  12. Select the start date, start time, and duration.
  13. Select the Time Zone.
  14. Enter the Class Agenda and Description.
  15. There is also an option to add the same live session to the course. live_2.png
  16. . Add speakers and learners by enabling the checkbox.
  17. There is also an option to add learners as bulk.mceclip9.png
  18. After adding learners, Schedule the Live class.
  19. To Edit the Recurring Live, click on Schedule Live Class and therefore the following window opens.5.png
  20. The admin can choose the required option and click on the OK button
  21. Admin or Tutor can join by clicking on the Join button.
  22. Notification - Tick this box to send emails to all the invited members with the links to join the session.
  23. Click "Back" to go back  to the Live Session Editing Page, To Schedule the live class click on "Schedule Live Class", to start the session now click on "Launch Now"scheduled.png




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