How to upload Live Sessions as a lecture

Only works with Live Class Integration set to Mykademy Live

You can now add recorded sessions from your Live Session into the course structure. In order to do this make sure that during your live session the call has been recorded using the inbuilt recorder. You can click the record button during the live session as shown below.


Once your session is complete you can add this recording by navigating to the Live Classes Page

(Live Classes Screenshot)

Here select the Live Session you have completed and recorded.

Click on the Attendees option beside the Live Class to bring up the following page, Here to access the Recordings click on the Tab - Resources and Recordings, here you will see all the recordings from the completed session.

(If the recording is missing, please wait for the video to be rendered by the server and refresh the page after a few mins)

Here in the Resources and Recordings tab, you can select the option to make the video,

  • Public - Video can be accessed by learners from their courses
  • Add to Course - Video can be assigned to a section with a course

When clicking on Add to Course, you will have the option to select the course from a dropdown that has all the courses listed. Once you have selected the course, you can then select the title, section and description for the recorded video. Once you are happy you can click on upload.

Please ensure that once the course has been added the Public option is ticked so it can be accessed by Learners. 


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