How to Create a Custom Event

  1. Click on the Website followed by Custom Event
  2. Click Create Event. The Schedule New Event window pops up.
  3. Type the event name, description, date, and time of the event.
  4. Click Create.mceclip0.pngmceclip1.png


We can send the event invitation to Courses, Branches, and Batches accordingly, and also there are options to deactivate and edit the created events.

How to Invite Participants to an Event

  1. On the Events page, click the corresponding event to which you want to invite participants.
  2. Click Invite Participant.
  3. Choose to send the invitation to one of the following participants:
    • Courses – Select the course(s) and click Continue to invite learners of the courses. Click Continue. Click Ok.
    • Branch – Select the Branch(s) and click  Continue. Click Ok.
    • Batch – Select Branches from the drop-down menu and select the required batch(es) of that Branch and click Continue. Click Ok.
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