How to create an Assignment

You can upload assignments as lectures to the section of a course.

  1. On the COURSE CONTENT page, click ASSIGNMENT in the right panel. The CREATE ASSIGNMENT window pops up.
  2. Type a title for the assignment, choose a section in which you want to add the assignment, and add a brief description for the assignment.
  3. Add the total marks of the assignment, the last date for submitting the assignment, and the maximum number of words the assignment can contain.
  4. Click CREATE. The following page appears.
  5. Type the assignment instructions in the space provided (in the form of file or HTML content) and click SAVE.
  6. In the right panel, review the Basic Settings of the assignment. Edit them if required and click SAVE, else retain the existing values.
    • Due Date - This is the date by which the assignment needs to be submitted
    • Cut off Date - Submissions will close after this date
    • Enable Resubmission - This will give the opportunity to resubmit the assignment "n" a number of times
  7. Click Rule-based content dripping on the right panel to make the assignment questions available to a specific day. Click SAVE after the changes.
  8. Click SUPPORT FILES to add additional documents based on assignments.
  9. Notifications - This gives you options on when notifications need to be sent to learners and facilitators.
    • Notify Graders about submission - This will notify Admin/Facilitator on when a learner has submitted an assignment
    • Notify Graders about Late Submission - This will notify Admin/Facilitator on when a learner has submitted the assignment late
    • Reminder to Grade - This sets a date for when the Admin/Facilitator needs to Grade the submitted Assignment.
  10. Click SAVE.
  11. Click to see the assignment added to the section on the COURSE CONTENT page.
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