All Courses have the course panel on the left, which has the following information:

  • Overview - This gives an overview of learners enrolled, active course modules, courses completed, and many more.
  • Course Content - This is the course builder where you can create the course and activate/deactivate the course/content.
  • Learners - Add and remove learners from the course.
  • Batches - Add and remove batches from the course.
  • Discussion - Access the course discussion forum, edit general instructions, add questions, replies, and many more.
  • Report - Access the course, test, and assignment reports from here.
  • Reviews - If course review has been enabled access the reviews by learners here and choose to showcase them on the front end.
  • Announcement - Any course-specific announcements can be done here.
  • Certificate Settings - From the Certificate Settings inside a course, the admin can set rules, and can create and upload a new certificate.
  • Settings - General Course settings
  • Assign Facilitator - Assign the Facilitator/Tutor in charge of the course
  • Badges - Admins should be able to configure badges for each course individually from the course settings page. Admin can select the badges from the dropdown. 
  • Coupons-This will display all the coupons associated with the corresponding course along with the Coupon Discount, Description, and the Coupon link.
  • SEO Settings - Add SEO information here so that the course can be accessed by search engines like Google/Bing, etc.

Preview ContentpZh6qjMhEy.png

Click on Preview Content to see how the course would play on the front end for the learners.

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