How to add HTML Content to courses


You can upload HTML content as lectures to the section of a course.

  1. On the COURSE CONTENT page, click HTML in the right panel. The CREATE HTML CONTENT window pops up.
  2. Type a title for the HTML content lecture, choose a section in which you want to add the content lecture, and add a brief description for the lecture
    Note: If not already created, you can create a new section on this popup by clicking ADD NEW SECTION, and choosing that section to place the lecture.
  3. Click CREATE. On the next page, click on the <> top-left corner of the screen to type the HTML content in the space provided using the HTML tags.
  4. Click SAVE or <> view the content in plain text format.
  5. In the right panel, review the Basic Settings of the HTML content lecture. Edit them if required and click SAVE, else retain the existing values.
  6. Click Access Restriction on the right panel to expand its view and specify the learner’s access restriction parameters for the lecture as required and click SAVE.
  7. Click to see the HTML content added to the section on the COURSE CONTENT page.


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