Adding Live Session to a Course

  1. Click on the Courses icon.
  2. From the active courses page, select the course in which the live session to be created.
  3. Click on LIVE located at the course modules.

  4. Enter the Title, section, Batch, speaker, Live room, and Date & time along with duration.
  5. Notifications can be sent to the learner about this live session if needed.
  6. Click on Schedule
  7. By clicking on schedule, they will be redirected to the Create Live Class page which shows the preview of the live session created.
  8. The session link can be copied from the admin side and can be shared with any Tutor or other faculties who were not included while creating the session. 
  9. The agenda and description of the live session will be displayed at the bottom. Click Next to continue.
  10. On the right side, all those learners who are enrolled in the live session will be displayed. Click on Add Speakers to add the speakers who would be leading the session. 
  11. To add members outside your organisation, add them to the Bulk Learners section by adding their Name and Email Address, these members will not be added as learners to mykademy but given temporary access to the live session only.
  12. When a live session is created within a course, all those learners who are enrolled in the course will be included in the live session.
  13. If any additional learner is to be added or removed from the session, then the admin can click on Manage learners and the learner list can be edited.
  14. The presenter/Tutor can start the live session from this page by clicking on Start this meeting.
  15. If the session has already commenced, a message will be displayed to the left of Start this meeting which indicates the live ongoing
  16. They can also delete or edit the live session from this page if the session has not yet commenced.  
  17. After the live session, the admin/tutor can download the recordings which will be available near the Attendees button. 
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