How to do Sales Enhancement in B2B

Admin from the Course Settings can choose their B2B sales option on whether the course is editable or non - editable. The admin has an option to choose the B2B Access Type as  Locked/Partially Locked/Unlocked.  

When admin enables the course B2B,a B2B sharable link will appear as shown below.




Along with that, the B2B Access type option pops up with  three types of access as follows.

  • Locked -  The buyer will  not be able to modify the content of the course or add new content.
  • Partially Locked - The buyers can add new content to the course but are restricted to modify existing content.
  • Unlocked - Buyers can modify existing content of the course and add new content.

When the buyer purchases the course after the payment, the buyer can manipulate the course content based on the privilege given  for them. The changes done on the main course by the parent will not be reflected in the buyers course and vice versa. The seller can change the access type whenever he wants and thus will be reflected for the new buyers. The access type cannot be changed in the buyers account.


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