How to manage Assignment submitted by learners


The admin/tutor can evaluate the assignment submitted by the learners from the admin side.

  1. Clicking on the drop down associated with the corresponding assignment.
  2. Select Report QMVkr8h938.png
  3. This will take you to the page shown below.
  4. Click on Evaluate for the evaluation of the submitted assignmentkDdPKRSlan.png
  5. By clicking on the Evaluate button will redirect the admin to a more detailed page as shown below.
  6. In this page, the admin can give the assignment mark, assignment grade, assignment feedback etc., 
  7. In addition to that, the admin/tutor can Add Attachment if required.HFfSfZSGny.png
  8. The admin can download as well as remove the submitted attachment if required.
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